The IACEE Pulse is a bi-monthly newsletter containing updates on IACEE activities and events, and continuing education news and trends from both the education and corporate sector. 

IACEE Pulse, April 2024

IACEE Pulse, February 2024

IACEE Pulse, December 2023

  2024 Announcements and Happy Holidays!

IACEE Pulse, November 2023

IACEE Pulse, September 2023
    NEWS FROM ACADEMIA, Critical Conversations in Lifetime Engineering Education: A Summary
        Hilary Culbertson & Shawn Miller, Duke University

    INDUSTRY PANORAMA, AI as the Leading Disruptor in Continuing Education Programs
        Anita Chawla, Engageli, USA

IACEE Pulse, July 2023
    GLOBAL TRENDS IN CEE, Bridging the Innovation-Education Gap
Cheng Wang, DT. School & Outstanding International Education Investment Ltd., China
    NEWS FROM ACADEMIA, Critical Conversations in Lifetime Engineering Education: A Summary
Dr. Yakut Gazi, Duke University, USA
    DC SYMPOSIUM, Panel Summary: Cross-Sector Collaboration and Engagement for Sustainability
        Dr. Lisa Stephens, SUNY Buffalo, USA
    INDUSTRY PANORAMA, Data driven strategies
        Anita Chawla, Engageli, USA

IACEE Pulse, April 2023
    GLOBAL TRENDS IN CEE, A Panoramic View of the State of Continuing Engineering in Europe
        Ragna Ann Berge, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
        Paper at IACEE World Conference, Buffalo, NY, June 2022

    NEWS FROM ACADEMIA, International Practice of Capacity Building in Engineering Education: A Comparative Case Study
        Aniko Kalman, Budapest University of Technology and Sciences, Hungary           
        Paper at SEFI Conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 2022

    Critical Conversations: A Bold Educational Agenda for Lifetime Engineering Education
    IACEE June 2023 Symposium, i
n collaboration with Duke University
       Dr. Yakut Gazi, Vice Provost For Learning Innovation and Digital Education, Duke University; First Vice-President, IACEE

IACEE Pulse, February 2023
    GLOBAL TRENDS IN CEE, Industry 4.0 and Lifelong Learning Culture
        Dr. Patricia Caratozzolo, School of Engineering and Sciences, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
NEWS FROM ACADEMIA, Integrating Continuing Engineering Education (CEE) Policies and Practices
        Dr. Bente Nørgaard, Aalborg University, Denmark
    INDUSTRY PANORAMA, Takeaways from CIEC 2023
        Dr. Lisa Stephens, University at Buffalo, New York, USA