IACEE Pulse: April 2024



My dear IACEE Colleagues:
In this edition of Pulse, I have some action items for you.

  1. If you have not done so, please register for the 19th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education or IACEE 2024 using the early bird rate until April 15th at https://www.iacee2024.org/register_now.php to secure the lower fees. I have attended this conference since 2008, and this network has benefited me personally and professionally.
  2. Now, you will plan for your travel. The travel details are given at https://www.iacee2024.org/travel_accommodations.php. Stay in Santander or Comillas based on the ambiance you prefer.
  3. If you are a member of IACEE and want to play a more active role in our activities, consider submitting your nomination for a Council position at https://forms.office.com/r/pL3MLUizk8. As a Council member, you will have the opportunity to work on various projects and help shape the future of our society alongside the president, past president, and secretary-general, and with the support of Camille Howard, IACEE’s managing director for global operations.
  4. Plan your conference schedule. We will be publishing the program soon, so stay tuned. Besides the plenary and technical sessions, there are other things to do there. Attend a workshop for academics or administrators. Attend the evening reception on Wednesday and the Gala Dinner on Thursday. Learn about the awards. Could you be nominated for an award next year?
  5. Finally, take some time to soak yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Cantabria in northern Spain and visit the sculpture El Capricho by Antoni Gaudi, the renowned Spanish architect and designer, on Friday, May 24th, soon after the conference ends. Find the aerial pictures of Comillas and El Capricho below.

See you in May at the IFE Europe (formerly Innovation Hub Europe) campus, where an innovative collaboration between the University of Cantabria and the Institute for Future of Education (IFE) at the Tecnologico de Monterrey is shaping the upskilling and reskilling of the Spanish technical workforce. IACEE is honored to partner with IFE.
Thank you for being with IACEE!
Soma Chakrabarti, PhD
President, IACEE


Registration Open

The IACEE World Conference is focused on building community and serving as a hub for new ideas, ventures, and partnerships. Participants from industry, research, and academia can share ideas for collaboration, and also exchange their best practices and lessons learned to advance themes of continuing engineering education and building a sustainable future for generations to come. Registration is still open, and the early bird rate is available until April 15, 2024.

Register today and join us in Comillas, Spain, May 21-24, 2024. Visit the conference website to view the draft conference program and find travel and hotel recommendations to help you plan your trip.

Pre-Conference Workshops

We hope you can arrange your travel plans to arrive in time to attend the pre-conference workshops on Tuesday, May 21. We will have one workshop on "Scaled Strategies For Sustainable Continuing Engineering Educational Programs", and another "Integrating Technology In Continuing Education: Designing Effective Classroom Activities". Find out more about the presenters and learning outcomes here, and join us on Tuesday afternoon. 

Special Issue in Frontiers in Education

For those authors interested in promoting their work in the academic field, we have opened a Special Issue in the Journal Frontiers in Education (Scopus Q2, open access, Impact Factor 2.3, Citescore 2.3).

This publication opportunity is independent of the conference and seeks to highlight the academic work of the IACEE community in Continuing Engineering Education. For more information on how to submit an article, please visit our website.

Engaging Asynchronous Learning
Anita Chawla, VP of Membership & Engagement, IACEE

Engaging asynchronous learning experiences is needed to scale continuing engineering education. Asynchronous learning allows learners to consume content at their own pace and flexibility, and promotes the notion of a classroom without walls and always open. 

The key questions are how to overcome core challenges of lack of social interaction and ability to discuss concepts for immediate feedback in an asynchronous modality. Community building is lacking in the asynchronous environment and can be an isolating experience. z-8keL_xfcs_O5uwDeUT9RNspctKxF29r0kb6ENHwKLIzASNho2nKjTnZ87n-P1tZhlPcM0wgqCN1KMqiNbNo_zx2IdNS_LU4Pkh-sS7mcoirLz0dFZs_4Tov02ek-RINAaV0YSAlORI5Qt3_OycXEE

Engageli is looking at expanding on the notion of asynchronous learning by introducing collaborative spaces. Playback rooms are made available where all recordings and materials are housed to form a connected experience.

Learners can meet together in a playback room and interact with the content, banter, discuss concepts and share experiences. Gone are the days when everyone has to meet at Starbucks at 5 pm on Wednesdays at 100 Main Street to collaborate. Instead, global learners can meet in asynchronous spaces to collaborate, thereby having the opportunity for peer to peer learning and connections in virtual spaces and still have the same level of interactivity as they were physically together.lBULP2pgO7IIOegVPxyumq2z9shdQzo9zA63vfgLtgMxOlBZHWACS8oMkJylErA3ThbBfHo1wUiKbUepgtpPIxguoPROEvAo54yooU9X4ZdA1AZJwMyuBs051FD4qq3QijQ1vOej5gt4SJ6oJLkyM2g

These technological advancements allow us to overcome the biggest challenges society face in allowing for continuing education to organically occur. Interactive problem-solving is a critical aspect of collaborative learning, providing learners with practical skills essential for the engineering industry. Collaborative learning allows for sharing of diverse and interdisciplinary experiences and creating a culture of creativity. 

It’s important for us to watch the paths of edtech (education technology) companies that are initiating changes in continuing education and creating products for economic growth. It’s an exciting time to witness continuous innovation converging technology and education. 

Newsfeed contact: Camille Howard, IACEE, USA