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PORTO DECLARATION - Giving You A Voice That Can Impact On Humanity's Grand Challenges

Education can be the catalyst that brings together research, industry, governments, philanthropy and individuals to find real solutions to humanities grand challenges.

At the 2016 World Conference in Portugal in May, IACEE outlined its commitment to developing global initiatives to address the 21st century challenges that threaten the very survival of humanity.

A significant group of international leaders pledged their support of this call to action by signing the Porto Declaration on 20 May 2016.

Show your support and sign up to the Porto Declaration electronically.  As a signatory, you will join a collaborative global community who, together, can be the difference.

SERINA [Sustainable Education and Research in Action]

The need for IACEE linked Engineering Faculties and Practicing Engineers to respond was then and is now even more crucial than 7 years ago. [Engineering Responses to Climate Change]

When the United Nations published its above “2022 ‘Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction’ (GAR2022) in May, the world’s attention was on its grim verdict that the world was experiencing an accelerating trend of natural disasters and economic crises. But not a single media outlet picked up the biggest issue: the increasing probability of civilisational collapse.

Buried in the report, which was endorsed by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, is the finding that escalating synergies between disasters, economic vulnerabilities and ecosystem failures are escalating the risk of a “global collapse” scenario.

For more information on SERINA initiatives and UN SDGs, please visit us at IACEE SERINA.

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